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Having food restrictions isn't just a diet - it's a lifestyle. On freedible you can find and share the recipes, tips, stories and community that you need to thrive on your custom diet. 

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1 in 3 households modifies diet because of someone’s dietary constraints, yet each one feels like they have to figure it out on their own.

We don’t think that makes any sense.

I created freedible to make it easier for “custom eaters” with everything from food allergies to fitness diets to connect with one another, crowd-source the solutions they need to thrive and discover and support the innovative food bloggers and entrepreneurs who are making innovative new foods that more of us can eat.

It's a mission I believe in, because it comes from the needs of my own family. We were plunged into the world of food restrictions when we adopted a baby boy and through caring for him, discovered food intolerances that had gone undiagnosed in my family for generations.

freedible is my family's way of giving back for the miracle of that little boy finding his way to us, by making it easier for us all to take charge of our own health outcomes - however you eat, whatever the reasons behind it and whatever your means.

That's our mission, and I use it daily as our compass. It's why freedible is free, why all custom eaters have a voice on freedible, and why we support the brands that are trying to make more food that more of us can eat.  I hope you'll join our movement of custom eaters sharing what works and supporting one another!

Happy eating,

Cheryl Viirand

Founder & CEO

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