(because food is not one-size-fits-all.)

(because food is not one-size-fits-all.)

freedible is the guide and the community for your custom diet.

Find the information that's right for the way you eat in our community-sourced Guide.


Find recipes that work for your diet on freedible!Recipes that work for custom eaters like you.

Use our hand-curated filters to find Recipes that work for your diet - whatever foods you need to avoid, and whatever the reasons behind them. 

All of our recipes have been shared by our community of custom eaters, food brands & bloggers - share the ones that work for you!

Find tips, stories, blog posts & other food & health resources on freedible

Tips, stories, blog posts and more.

Browse our Resources for tips, articles, blog posts and more - on topics like travelling with celiac disease, talking with your child's school about his food allergies, managing your food restrictions in the workplace, and the many connections between food and health.

Join freedible for free and you can share what works for you, too, with an original post or a link to resources elsewhere!

Find getting started guides & other know-how on freedibleKnow-how for the can-do.

Starting a new diet restriction?

Never can remember all the names for hidden gluten?

Check out our know-how section for resources to help you start - and thrive - on your custom eating journey.

Connect with others in the Community for custom eaters.  All custom eaters!

Find others who eat like you do, on freedible
Find others who eat like you do.

Food restrictions can be isolating - but with 1 in 3 American households modifying their diet based on someone's special food needs, it just doesn't make sense to us that each one of them should feel so alone!

Use our custom search filters to find custom eaters who eat like you do, or who manage their restrictions through similar lifestyles, and share your own eating restrictions on your free profile so others can find you as well.

Share with freedible - the Community that gets it!
Share your journey with the community that "gets it".

Living with food allergies and intolerances, celiac disease and other food restrictions is a challenge that's as unique as the food restrictions themselves.

Share your journey on your freedible profile with photos, videos and status updates.

freedible home community-sourced father feeds son
One community, no matter how you eat.

Everyone with a food restriction is different - and the differences between our diets and health requirements matter.

But we believe that "custom eaters" have more in common than they do differences. When we come together in one place, we can learn from each other, understand and better advocate for each others' needs and start to develop new cultural norms that will let us all get back to eating together.

That's the idea behind our movement to empower custom eaters by spreading the word that food is not one-size-fits-all!

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Have questions? Try our 200+ specialty food bloggers.

We're big believers in figuring out what works and how to replicate it - but we know that the answers aren't "one-size-fits-all" anymore than our food is!

That's why we created our Custom Bloggers Directory, so you can search our specialty food blogger members by the diets, health issues and lifestyle topics they discuss, to find the ones that are actually right for you.

Find food brands for custom eaters on freedible!
Find the food brands that want to feed custom eaters like you.

For all the problems in our food supply today, we are thrilled about all the innovative food makers that are working hard to create new products that more of us can eat, so we all can go back to eating together!

Search our Food Brands Directory to find brands that cater to diets like yours, and connect with the people behind the pantry staples that keep your family going every day!

Our mission: to empower custom eaters.


We know first-hand how challenging it can be to eat out, find recipes and products or explain your food needs to friends and family.  And we know how socially isolating food restrictions can be and remember feeling all alone. You can read our story here.

But with 1 in 3 American households modifying their diets today to accommodate someone's food restrictions, we just don't think it makes sense that it should be so difficult - or that each of us should feel so alone.

That's why we built freedible.

Join our community today to connect with others who eat like you do and to join our community-wide project to find and share recipes and resources for custom eaters, in The Guide.


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