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Our Team

Our Team

freedible is a small and passionate team with a big vision.  Meet the family behind freedible here.

From launching new products for dot-com era internet startups to her litigating for some of America's technology giants to the adoption that set her on her own journey with food restrictions, Cheryl Viirand comes to founding freedible well-versed in passion, grit and determination.  Meet the Mom-on-a-Mission behind freedible and find out why she is determined to make it easier for other 'custom eaters' to find or make dinner. 
Rebecca is probably better known to those of us in the community as the author and (stunning) photographer behind the blog Pure and Peanut Free.  She brings with her a creative eye and a passion for creating strong and vibrant communities around food.
Erki is the behind-the-scenes silent partner and closet photographer bridging the gaps to keep freedible on track.