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  • Cheryl Viirand

    Cheryl Viirand

    Founder & CEO
  • Rebecca Sherrow

    Rebecca Sherrow

    Features Editor, Community Manager & Food Photographer
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We made freedible to make it easier for us all to take charge of our own health outcomes...
  • by changing the conversation about food and health;

  • by supporting the small businesses and free-from bloggers creating innovative new foods that more of us can eat and helping brands of all sizes to channel their resources and their reach to be part of the solution;

  • by making it easier to find others who "get it" and can help you figure out how to follow the diet your body needs;

  • by providing a platform where we can all share what works - so we can each stop reinventing the wheel; and

  • by making sure every custom eater has a voice, no matter how you eat and no matter what the reasons behind it.

About Us
Estimates are that as many as 1 in 3 U.S. households follows a restricted diet - so why are we each reinventing the wheel?

I'm the founder and creator of freedible: the social platform for custom eaters.

I was plunged into the world of food restrictions after adopting a baby with a mast cell disorder that causes extreme food sensitivities: to this day, he can only tolerate 15 foods. Through caring for him, I discovered my own food intolerances.

Suddenly, my family's health was transformed simply by changing our diet - but there had been nothing simple about it.

freedible is my family's way of giving back for the miracle of that little boy finding his way to us, by making it easier for us all to take charge of our own health outcomes - however you eat, whatever the reasons behind it and whatever your means.

That's our mission, and I use it daily as our compass. It's why freedible is free, why all custom eaters have a voice on freedible, and why we support the brands that are trying to make more food that more of us can eat.

All the content you see here has been shared by our members, with original photography from our talented Community Manager, Rebecca Sherrow. We're supported through services we provide to help our food brand members meaningfully engage with consumers and influencers like you.

Freedible is a boot-strapped, mom-run, family-owned business. Our tiny team is fueled by our passion to empower custom eaters, and we're proud to be part of the "women in tech" revolution.

Create your free account to join our movement today.

Cheryl Viirand
Founder, CEO & Mom-on-a-Mission


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