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My Life With Food Allergy: A Parent Survey Report
There’s a lot of talk out there about the growing number of food allergy diagnoses, and the need for better tools to manage them. Rarely though...
Debunking the High-Protein Diet Fad: Is It Right For You? How Do You Do It With Special Dietary Needs?
When I picture a grill during the summer, I typically envision rows of sizzling hashtag-charred hamburgers and hot dogs. 🌭🍔Meat (and even meatless “meat”) seem to be...
The Food Suitcase: A European Adventure With Food Allergies
Before last month, we hadn’t left the country in 17 years. My oldest child is 17 years old, which is no coincidence. She is allergic to...
Growing a Good Business Takes Time
Several folks have emailed us asking why the Allergy Amulet isn’t available for purchase yet, and we hear you! We’re just as eager as you are...
How to Find the Right College Food Fit
As I walked down the scenic campus avenue to begin the tour, the first thing on my mind was not their scary admission statistics, or how...

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