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Campfires, Canoes, Cabins, and Cross-Contact: Tips for Safe Summer Camping
Last week I dropped my kids off at summer camp. They’re still too young for sleepaway camp, but it is all day every day for a week,...
The Forever Chemicals in Our Food—And Now in Our Bodies
Disclaimer: this article may result in appetite loss, stomachache, and a lack of faith in our nation’s food safety regulations. On Monday, the New York Times published a...
New Survey Findings Reveal Dangers of Dining Out With Food Allergies
Last month, our friends at Snack Safely reported the findings of a survey representing 1,000 food-allergic individuals in the UK. The survey was carried out by the law firm...
Childhood Food Allergy Prevention Q&A with Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan
If you’re a dedicated Allergy Amulet follower, then you know we love to support individuals doing amazing things in the food allergy space! We recently had a...
Oral Immunotherapy—Three Years Later
A little over two years ago, I wrote a blog for Allergy Amulet called OIT—Is It For Me? In that piece, I talked about our family’s decision...

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