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How to Host Friends and Family With Food Allergies
My youngest brother has a tree nut allergy. Over the years, and through countless family holidays, vacations, and when he visits my home, I’ve seen how...
The Food Allergy Toolbox
With food allergies soaring to new heights, innovators and researchers are rising to meet the challenge. A surge of entrepreneurial activity in the food allergy space...
FDA-Approved Palforzia—A Cure for Peanut Allergy?
If you’re tuned into the food allergy world, you probably heard that on January 31st, 2020, the FDA approved the first oral immunotherapy (OIT) drug for treating peanut allergy...
Is Coconut a Tree Nut?
There’s a lot of confusion around the difference between peanuts and tree nuts. They may look similar, but they’re very different! Peanuts are legumes (edible seeds...
Celebrities with Food Allergies
Photo credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images.If you’ve ever picked up the tabloids, you’ve likely seen celebrity columns like “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” It’s always some celebrity performing...

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