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What we make and how we make it
About Us: An employee-owned company, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods produces stone ground, whole grain gluten free foods in a dedicated gluten free facility, offering a unique selection of gluten free flours, cereals and mixes, including breads, desserts, pancakes and pizza crust mix.
About our products: Bob’s Red Mill produces gluten free, whole grain flours, cereals, baking mixes and grains in a dedicated gluten free facility that is also free from eggs, fish, shell fish, peanuts and dairy.
What we make:
Description of manufacturing practices: We are a HACCP certified facility and use Good Manufacturing Practices. Lines are well-cleaned between production runs and our employees are well-versed in the prevention of cross contact between allergens. We do rigorous in house testing for gluten using the R5 ELISA gluten assay in our dedicated gluten free laboratory.
Dedicated facility:
Dedicated equipment:
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