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National Celiac Disease Awareness Month {Resources} + 31 Days of May Awareness {Printable Calendar} + Schedule of Events

May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month and to start off I want to share some resources plus give you the 31 Days of May Awareness printable calendar. I also want to share the schedule I have planned for mindful peace om to bring awareness to Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. I have been living gluten free for two years and it has been a great journey filled with learning and less trips to the bathroom! Share this post with others so that they too can learn or have a refresher not only about Celiac Disease but also Gluten Intolerance overall!


The Facts about Celiac Disease

  • 1 in 133 people are affected by Celiac Disease. 
  • It's an autoimmune disorder. 
  • No products containing Wheat, Barley, Rye, Triticale can be consumed or used.
  • Often Celiac Disease leads to other autoimmune diseases like Diabetes.
  • The only treatment is eating a gluten free diet. 
  • Gluten Free Labeling is a reality.

Read more from these sources: The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center; Mayo Clinic; FDA Gluten Free Labeling Law






Gluten Intolerance Group
Celiac Sprue Association


Celiac Disease Foundation
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

31 Days of May Awareness Printable Calendar

The calendar has activities for overall awareness as well as activities to bring yourself awareness about Gluten Intolerance. I believe that change and awareness starts with ourselves. Once we have achieved the level of awareness we desire, we are then able to extend our experience and information to others. Do this responsibly and respectfully. Click below to download your calendar.

Schedule of Events

  • Wednesday, May 7th: {Post} My Disease/Disorder Does Not Define Me & is Not My Name
  • Monday, May 12: {Post} 2nd Advocate Highlight 
  • Wednesday, May 14: {Wellness Toolbox} My Favorite Gluten Free Products
  • Monday, May 19: {Post} 3rd Advocate Highlight 
  • Wednesday, May 21: {Book Review} Gluten Freedom by Dr. Alessio Fasano
  • Monday, May 26: {Post} 4th and last Advocate Highlight

I will also continue my regular janie gets HEALTHY posts and may have other posts as well.

I look forward to this month! Let's embrace it with love, positivity, peace, and productivity! Take action and spread awareness!

Remember that you are responsible for you. Read the full disclaimer.

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