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Advocate Highlight #1: Glutenlibre

The newly trademarked GlutenLibre Logo!

This first advocate is a family that had nominations filled with love and thanks. I also had already picked them as one of my two favorite advocates. The Glutenlibre family is one that had to embrace the gluten free lifestyle after son Kai was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009. Mom Kathy was diagnosed a year later. Dad Brian and the other Glutenlibre children are supportive of their family's gluten free journey as they advocate for their family and others who are on the gluten free journey as well. The family created to be a place where awareness of Celiac Disease would be the focus. The twist is that through this awareness they highlight awesome athletes, artists, performers, our military, and everyone in between who lives gluten free! They are truly in a league of their own and if you want an honest and rockin' gluten free point of view, this family and site is for you!


Source: Glutenlibre

Here's why I love the Glutenlibre Family and Blog:

  • They are honest. They don't sugar coat the journey that is Celiac Disease. They stick to the truth.
  • They don't wallow in negativity.
  • They manage to see the positive side of gluten free. 
  • They even manage to be funny about it.
  • And most of all they are supportive of the gluten free community by listening, advocating, and sharing their experiences with all of us.
I truly enjoy interacting with this amazingly kind family! Do check out their site and social media to learn more about them. They also sell awesome merchandise including an awesome toaster! And finally a big congrats to Glutenlibre's as they just had their logo registered!

Check out Glutenlibre:


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