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Advocate Highlight #2: Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl

The Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl

I received a nomination for Anti-Wheat Girl and I think the note they left  really sums up who she is really well:

At the beginning of last year, almost no one had heard of "The Adventures of Anti-Wheat Girl," or AWG, a blog started by Priyanka Chugh, who has Celiac Disease. Now, however, she's amassed a hearty following: an active participant in the gluten-free community on Twitter and Facebook, Priyanka has also been a gluten-free pioneer on Tumblr, Freedible, and Pinterest. In the past year, she has been a staunch activist not only for those with Celiac, but also for the entire gluten- and allergen-free community, having her writing on the subject featured on Freedible, Taste Guru, and in the Huffington Post. Most importantly, Priyanka uses the power
that comes with such a following in the best way possible. AWG publishes recipes and reviews, but goes above and beyond, too. Through a birthday campaign, Priyanka was able to raise $833 for CHOP's Celiac Center. She spreads the love, showcasing other bloggers and their accomplishments, and, through her Gluten-Free Voices series, shares the experiences of others.


Now let me tell you why I love Priyanka, the Anti-Wheat Girl:

  • She's positive and always open to conversation. I've enjoyed speaking and sharing with her.
  • Let's talk about how empowered she is. She's taken her diagnosis created sheer positivity and action. 
  • Her passion to spread education and not hate. That's something I can back 100%!
  • She raises awareness by fundraising and featuring others on her blog. She's all about spreading awareness across the board.
  • Priyanka takes us through her life and shares her experiences with us. It's always awesome to learn from others.
I do thank Priyanka and her team for creating an awesome positive, educational, and supportive resource for all of us. Go visit her blog and learn so much more! By the way, I wonder if she really does own a cape? That would be awesome.

Get your Gluten Free Super Hero on at The Adventures of Anti-Wheat girl:


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