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Are Oats a Celiac "OK"?

Are Oats a Celiac "OK"?

To Oat or Not To Oat, 'Tis A Celiac Question 

Outright, I ate no oats when I first gluten-free and diagnosed Celiac.  Why?  Firstly, there were few sources certified gluten-free.  More importantly, I had done the research, and the protein found in oats had a track-record of peculiarity in a celiac's gut.

Further in, I found tools used to gauge oat-safety had been attacked as flawed, and physicians recommending them gave their recs with the oddest reasons.  Because patients are more compliant to the GF diet if allowed to eat oats? (That's not really even a fair way to treat a child, mates.)  Because villous atrophy seemed unchanged? (Yet even those ingesting gluten have often untraceable villous damage.) Beyond farming practises and cross-contamination, oats continue to represent a question mark for those with Celiac Disease.

In the best medical write up I found, this quote nailed it:"The greatest weakness of the pro-oats position is the underlying assumption that we fully understand celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. This is simply not the case. The research shows that some celiacs do develop symptoms when consuming oats. While most newly diagnosed celiacs experience reduced symptoms and improved health, this may simply be the result of consuming less grain-derived protein. Researchers have long known that even partial compliance with the gluten-free diet produces health improvements in celiac patients(11). " Medical write-up from 2004 (1)

So why do we eat oats?

I've stopped because I don't feel well, even on certified.  Though I do miss them.  And I love these Banana Maple Oat Bars using Glutenfreeda's lovely instant packets. I also miss oats in the morning, but I've subbed quinoa -- a different flavour, but much more pleasant on my gut; and Cashew Banana Porridge on occasion.

So to oat -- or not to oat?  It's a much easier question than to be or not to be -- I can be quite well sans oats.  In fact, Ibe more happily without them. My doctor advised I cut the oatmeal entirely, especially since I've been experiencing ongoing symptoms of malabsorption and weight loss.

So here we are again, back to the beginning: Why do we eat oats? 

A more pressing question, perhaps now, is how can we avoid eating oats?  . . .

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