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5 Things That Don't Fix Gluten

5 Things That Don't Fix Gluten

What fixes gluten? Er, nothing. There's nothing the matter with it.  It doesn't need fixing.

But if you need to eat sans gluten, the only thing that really makes a meal celiac-safe is a complete absence of gluten. Start out without it, and you're good to go.  Otherwise?  Pack your metaphorical-meal-bags and go elsewhere.

I recently ran into a row of well-intentioned friends, clients, and acquaintances who wanted to help out by explaining -- or asking -- how they could "fix" gluten.

Here's a list of the top 5.  Nope. You can't kill gluten. It just don't die. …maybe because it's not alive.

1. Heat Can Killz the Gluten?

"Hey-ho, I just boiled the snot out of it.  It's gluten-free now!" or "What temperature do I have to get the oven to so as to kill the gluten?"

Er, no. Gluten isn't bacteria. It's not killable. It's still there.

Sorry, Gollum, Sam…boiled, mashed, stuck in stew…still gluten.  But thankfully, potatoes aren't, mashed, boiled, or otherwise. (Unless you add them to a gratin or baked good of some sort adulterated with flour.)

2. Five Second Rule!

"LOOK. I snatched the gluten-free bagel off the flour-encrusted counter in a NANO SECOND! Boom!"

…if a crumb can cling to it, it will in one second.  Flour? Oy, a split-second splat and that bite of gluten-free good is coated.


 "We sprayed bleach on the counter. It's good."

Bleach, like heat, won't kill gluten.  A thorough wipe-down of all surfaces with a  clean cloth or sponge will help. But bleach won't kill gluten.  Do you want to eat bleach though?

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