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Custom Eating Bullying In School

Custom Eating Bullying In School

While attending the GFAF Expo I met a 4th grade teacher and author, Monique Vagueiro.  She was marketing her book Allergic to Bullying.  The book addresses the issues of children being singled out in the form of bullying because of their custom eating needs.  I am a shamed to say, I forgot that bullying as was an issue faced by younger customer eaters.  As adults custom eating bullying is experienced in subtle ways. Custom eaters are labeled picky because we refused to eat a salad after the croutons are removed. People view us as being difficult because we ask a lot of questions about ingredients and how food is prepared. My most recent experience with custom eating bullying was at a workplace event. The spouse of someone going gluten free because it is trendy made rude comments that were clearly directed at me. This person cycles on and off of a gluten free diet and their spouse told me that I did not understand how difficult it was for this person to watch other people eat bread. This person also commented that their spouse did not notice any change from eating gluten free. Needless to say, I has highly insulted and this person was not intelligent enough to realize that their comments very extremely offensive to someone with Celiac disease.

Children bully in a more overt manner. They target specific things and do not disguise the meaning of their messages in a cryptic language. Unfortunately custom eating frequently means special meals, lacking the ability to eat the same snacks at parties and depending on the necessity of the custom eater there may be more serve methods of separating foods. Allergic to Bullying provides insight on how parents, students and schools can address the issue of bullying students because they are custom eaters. In addition to being a 4th grade teacher, the author of this book also has Celiac disease. This is a must read book.

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