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light fare

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Craving takeout? Try this easy, gluten and grain free Cashew Chicken recipe for dinner! It can also be made soy free!
An easy salsa made in under 10 minutes. Meets your daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables!
This cold brew iced coffee is great for warm months. Plus you can make it ahead of time for easy and fast prep work.
I find it easier to get my family to eat meals if they are colorful. That's why I love this recipe - it's full of colorful veggies and great flavor! Great for breakfast or lunch!
Don't get tired of the same soups - spice it up with this Asian inspired Chicken Teriyaki Soup that's loaded with veggies and flavor!
If you love lasagna, you'll love these easy, zucchini lasagna rolls. They are healthy, full of veggies and have no gluten or grains!
This healthy burger is topped with delicious micro greens from the local farmer's market and served over a lettuce "bun". No need to worry about gluten here!
An easy DIY to make your own rice milk for a fraction of the price.
Gluten Free, Vegan and top 8 Free these muffins are a real crowd favorite. Moist and protein rich, they not only taste good but they are actually good for you.
We love egg rolls but they can be a lot of work! We decided to simplify the idea into bowl form. This dish has great Asian flavors and veggies!
Keep side dishes simple, fresh and flavorful! This one uses balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, sea salt, and pepper for a timeless classic. Naturally vegan, gluten-free, free of top allergens, and paleo.
…allergen-free this do be, kidlet: Halloween treat for any custom-eater.
A quick and light dish that is great for breakfast or dinner!
Spaghetti squash, a healthy, low-carb alternative to pasta, is a nutritious and satisfying dish for any occasion. The peas add a mild flavor and creamy texture to the pesto.
A lighter weeknight meal loaded with delicious super food, kale!
Bursting with blueberries and bright, fresh, lemon-y flavor, these fun blue muffins will be loved by adults and kids alike. Plus they pack an extra vitamin punch with zucchini they'll never even know is there!
These bites are reminiscent of no-bake cookies but with no added sugar and only 6 healthy ingredients!
A deliciously juicy main course with tons of flavor from the fresh Kale Pesto marinade!
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