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Heat up your tailgating with this twist on our Spicy Hot Gluten Free Drink!
This tasty smoothie is a great start to the day or for an after-school or work snack. Plus, you can control what goes in it versus store bought!
If you love hot chocolate but don't tolerate cocoa well, try this flavorful drink using carob powder instead! It's very unique yet delicious and is also AIP friendly!
A fun gluten Free Holiday drink that will be sure to make you pucker up under the Mistletoe!
Egg Nog. It's a tradition for many at this time of year. I'll be one of the first to say that I love the flavors, the creamy richness, and the decadence of eggnog. Sharing a cool glass with a loved one while bundled up in a cozy sweater is a quintessential Christmas feeling. I even made it from scratch once. But what is one to do when you love someone with an egg allergy?
A Velvety Holiday Delight for our Gluten Free Happy Hour
Adult Sweet Treat for Halloween Gluten Free Happy Hour
Oh allergy moms and dads, you'll love this perfect fall drink! It's dairy-free and refined sugar free! It is creamy, rich and smooth - just like those expensive coffee shop versions!
Hope floats and so does summer. Enjoy it to the fullest by throwing a dairy-free float party!
Take advantage of the time it takes this yummy shake to blend and bend yourself into an enlivening yoga pose! Blend it/bend it!
In honor of National Watermelon Day...Enjoy this refreshing gluten free drink to enjoy with friends this weekend...!!
Creating a smoothie for meal replacement requires ingredients from these 4 groups: liquids, protein, fat, and antioxidants. Here's a recipe that incorporates choices from each one of these groups to give you flavor and appetite satisfaction.
Inspired by the lack of fresh milk in the tropics, Vietnamese Iced Coffee was created when the French brought coffee to Vietnam during the colonial era in the late 1900's.
If you love traditional banana bread, I think you'll love this smoothie. It's full of flavor with just a few ingredients!
If you are looking for a quick, cool and refreshing drink - this is it! It's very light and satisfying, plus my kids LOVED it!
Got a picky eater who doesn't like green veggies? Try making this tasty juice! My kids call it "Hulk Juice"!
This smoothie is perfect for a busy morning breakfast but also makes a great snack or treat at the end of the day! It requires just a few simple ingredients!
This tasty, refreshing drink is great for your summer gatherings. It features fresh, natural ingredients and is perfect for kids of all ages!
Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get nutrients, especially on busy days. When they taste like dessert, they are even better!
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