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It's a Salt & Pepper Splurge Kind of World!

It's a Salt & Pepper Splurge Kind of World!

My freedible cooking tip of the day: Splurge on high-quality herbs, spices, sea salts and peppers!


Cooking on an elimination diet, foods tend to be simpler – fewer sauces, more fresh ingredients and in our case, without flavor-masking thickeners like gluten, dairy or soy sauce. 

That doesn’t mean our food lacks in flavor – quite the contrary, we’ve learned that fresh herbs and high quality, fresh spices (yes, those myriad spice jars in your rack have expiration dates!) can really make a meal sparkle without violating any of our ample elimination diet rules.

On the prowl for new flavor inputs, we have been surprised what a difference freshly-ground, specialty sea salts and peppers can make to a dish.  We keep three or four of our favorites on hand at all times, including Himalayan pink sea salt, smoked sea salt, pink peppercorns and a blend of black peppercorns and dried, edible flowers.  Not only do they add a lot to the pot, adding an unusual specialty salt or pepper can totally reframe leftovers!


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