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The Ultimate Egg Substitute Comparison!

The Ultimate Egg Substitute Comparison!
You might call me a little crazy. You might also call me a little geeky. You’d be right on both counts, and proud of it. It’s who I am–and if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here to do crazy things like bake 18 cakes in one day for your benefit.

Yes, you read that correctly. Last summer I baked 18 cakes in one day so that I could directly compare every egg replacement I’d ever heard of. (At least, all the safe ones. I’ve heard people use peanut butter, but that ain’t kosher in our house.) Ever since Zax was diagnosed with his egg allergy at the age of 10 months, I’ve been on a quest to discover the best egg replacer. Over the years I’ve tried quite a few of them, both store-bought and homemade.

For some purposes, there are clear winners. To apply a breading to meats, for example, sticky replacements like flax seed work best. For whipping/meringue recipes, aquafaba is the best–indeed, the only–replacer that works. Other foods are more forgiving. Cookies, for example, tend to turn out okay regardless of what you use. Pancakes too.

But cake–well, cake is often an adventure.

Sometimes the cake doesn’t rise. Sometimes it crumbles the moment it’s touched. Sometimes it tastes or feels weird. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll get all three.

The Wacky Cake is one of my favorite egg-free cakes, but sometimes we want to go beyond its capabilities (or we don’t want to bake from scratch.) So I decided to turn on my experimental brain and try a side-by-side experiment to find out just which egg replacer works best with a box of cake mix. So I present:

The Great Cake Experiment

The only way to see the results of each of the 18 varieties is to check out our blog!

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