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The Not-A-Recipe Dinner

Not a recipe, and NOT picture-worthy at all. Truly, the photo looks fairly unappetizing. I promise, it's deceptive.

Last night's vegan dinner option when my family was eating chicken and spaghetti (I just can't waste it when it's already in the house, after all):

Sauteed mix of bagged broccoli slaw, diced and lightly salted eggplant, a chopped up Roma tomato, all of the leftover spice mixes that didn't fit in the reorganized cupboard, and a drained can of black beans for protein and fiber. The olive oil (for saute), tomato, and beans come together to make a light sauce, and the slaw adds a much-needed crunch.

I put this over a big old bowl of safe rice noodles and was surprisingly happy with dinner. Finally!

If you are free-from an insane number of foods and need to use up what isn't fitting to make a 10-minute meal for one or two people (or a side for a family), I highly recommend this method. :) And it's one-bowl cooking to boot!

Coming soon, pics of the awesome rearranged cabinets (to fit all of those new wheat-free products) that left me with my oddball ingredients....

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