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Gluten Free Review: Good On Ya Cafe, San Diego

A beach-side cafe with a hipster vibe, Good On Ya Organic serves what its name implies: organic. From the fried eggs, diner-style in the pre-dawn to gluten-free pizzas with seasonal toppings, Good On Ya takes both its customers' dietary restrictions and its fresh, local food seriously.

Whenever I'm in Southern California, I have a standing date with a relative on the beach in San Diego -- beach and breakfast.  Nothing much about the date has changed. The beach at dawn is always fledgeling-warm. It cracks like a robin's egg into scarves of blue and gold over Pacific waves. Nothing much about our walk has changed. It takes us on an adventure dodging rising tides, ducking into used bookstores.

But Good On Ya has metamorphosed many times. Always gluten-free (with a few side options like a flour tortilla or sourdough toast which contain gluten), it nonetheless has served GF waffles, then dropped the waffles; served only breakfast, then added lunch; been counter-service and then moved to full-service. (And speaking of service, that aspect has been spotty from the start.)

GF Toast! from Bread Srsly
In its current state, though, it's still organic; still delicious; and still able to serve a large gluten-free breakfast, that's dairy-free to boot.

The menu now sports an array of classic diner-food and regional Mexi-Cali-fare. This last drop-in, I picked up the Fried Egg Plate. My walking pal grabbed a Fried Egg Sandwich (but he'd had the Baja Breakfast Burrito last time -- and they don't skimp on those burros: it was enormous).

Last year, I tried the GF French Toast.  They forgot my side of eggs, on that trip. They gave me a cold Latte (when I'd ordered a tea); and then a cold tea. But they amended it all after being reminded.

I think the fried eggs made a better meal, and a larger one. For although the Toast comes stacked in 3 pieces, with syrup and coconut oil  (or butter) on the side, fruit costs an upcharge, as do additional eggs.  The Fried Egg Plate, presented like a bandera, stuffs sweet potato hash browns (excellent, subtly sweet), sauteed spinach, avocado, tomato, and eggs onto your flatware -- and with a side of gluten-free sourdough, it was a stellar blend of savoury/sweet.

Fried Egg Plate, Toast on the Side
I think the Fried-Egg-which would have received similar praise if it hadn't arrived at the table lukewarm.

Anyhow, hot sauce in this part of the world is rather out-of-this world, so we made do with a different kind of heat.

I also got a Matcha Latte (coconut milk) -- bloody best hot drink I've ever gotten, bar none.
Matcha Coconut Latte

Good On Ya makes good on their promise of organic food, and flavourful food -- and takes the utmost care to segregate and serve  good food that's also celiac-safe.  I only wish the service were as good. The drinks and food piping hot. Consistently. (Although the coffee is some of the best you may ever get refills on.)

Anyhow, I love the quiet clean interior, the view onto Camino Real -- and when the food is good, it's good. But the company has always been so. (Another point in this little eateries non-food-related-favour:  they're Sox Fans! Thus, my cap got me a free refill, some excellent Nuttzo Nut butter on the side for my toast, and a long conversation about baseball.)

Best and tumbling free,


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