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The New Look of Don’t Go Nuts

The New Look of Don’t Go Nuts
We first discovered Don’t Go Nuts while on a family trip to Buffalo, New York. I was looking for Sunbutter and found a whole allergen-free section at my grandmother’s grocery store, which really made my day! I bought several bars for us to try, and then got a box of our favorite (Whitewater Chomp) for our visit to Niagara Falls. I find it slightly ironic that I had to go to Buffalo to find them, considering that Don’t Go Nuts is a fellow Colorado company!

But regardless, Don’t Go Nuts has been a boon to our family ever since! Despite the apparent explosion in allergy-friendly bars in the last few years (if you know where to look,) Don’t Go Nuts is still our family’s favorite. We offer bars as a quick breakfast on rushed mornings, and I have to ration out the Don’t Go Nuts bars so our kids don’t eat them all at once. Our boys really like them THAT much more than all the others!

So I was excited for the opportunity to be among the first to try the re-launched Don’t Go Nuts bars!

Don’t Go Nuts made several changes with their re-launch. The most exciting of which is that they now received a USDA Organic Certification! To get this, 95% or more of the ingredients must be organic. In a world with increasing concerns about GMO foods, this is always nice to see!

They also made adjustments to increase whole grains and reduce sugar. The size of the bars has also been reduced from 1.58oz to 1.26oz. While a size reduction may not seem like an improvement, they aren’t too much smaller and this aligns their bars to the “kids bar” category and allows them to meet the federal requirements for a “Smart Snacks in Schools” designation!

But how do the new and improve bars taste? Check out our blog for the full review here!

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