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Is Celiac Disease Covered under the American with Disabilities Act?

If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you are probably wondering if you are protected by the Americans with Disability Act. The answer is yes, it does provide you with protection in certain cases and you need to know the facts!

Your Celiac diagnosis will impact both your work and home life. While you will have control over you home life, you may have questions about how your work life will be impacted. Is your employer legally obligated to make accommodations for you? Will your employer provide you with a gluten free lunch during meetings when lunch is provided for the attendees? Or is your employer legally obligated under the ADA to provide you with safe food in an emergency shelter situation? Also how does having Celiac Disease impact young adults such as college freshmen who live on campus and are required to purchase a meal plan according to school policy. How is this handled under the ADA? Below is a link to an article that will answer most of your questions.

I strongly recommend that you read this article. After reading the article, please consider speaking with your employer and/or your college freshman’s school regarding the accommodations that can be made. Please keep in mind that your employer and/or the college may request certification of your Celiac diagnosis such a physician’s note before making any arrangements. Also, it is likely that you will have to share a great deal of information about Celiac disease and gluten free food to help educate the individuals creating the accommodation.

Does the ADA Cover People with Celiac Disease?