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    Hi, everyone! Excited to have folks joining in our Custom Eater Kids Dible! I'd love for you to take a moment to introduce you - as for me, what can I say - my kiddos are what started this whole freedible adventure! I first discovered my own food intolerances when I was nursing the little baby boy we'd just adopted (yes, you can do that in adoption!). He got super-sick super quickly, so the doctors told me I had to change my diet to get him healthy. When I did, he stopped screaming & started growing - & I lost 25 pounds, asthma and a host of health complaints noone had ever been able to explain. Applying what we were learning about me to my older son, we turned around severe short term memory loss that was stemming from what we now know to be a #histamineintolerance. All in all, not your standard journey - but then, is there any such thing in the world of #customeaters ?? Anyway, so glad to see everyone joining here, and please take a moment to leave a status update saying hello!
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