•   Cheryl commented on this post about 5 years ago
    I had a #lowhistamine victory this week! I wanted to make beef stew for the fam, but was out of broth of all kinds. So I pulled out an old trick for converting high histamine recipes into histamine FIGHTING ones, and added a bit of pomegranate juice (it adds acidity, thus helping to break down the foods and playing the taste-heightening role of vinegar, but my immunologist tells me it actually helps to break histamines down!). I've tried this in sweet sauces like my crockpot short ribs before - but never in a savory dish like this - & it totally worked! Somehow, the result tasted just like a rich, savory beef broth - and way better than the store-bought stuff! I'd love for you to share your low histamine victories, too! : )

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