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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 19:00

Zemas Gluten-Free Double Layer Chocolate Sweetheart Cake

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Let them eat cake! Health and decadence are sweetly balanced in this 2-layer chocolate cake filled with nutrient dense ancient whole grains and super seeds.

  • Ingredients: Cake:
    1 package Zemas Gluten-Free Cocoa Teff Pancake & Waffle mix
    3 eggs (or egg replacer)
    8 T. butter, at room temperature (dairy-free or regular)
    3 T. oil of choice
    1 ½ c. sugar (we used palm sugar)
    ¼ c. pure cocoa powder
    1 ¼ c. water
    ¼ c. milk of choice
    ¼ c. chocolate chips, melted*
    2 t. pure vanilla extract
    1 t. baking soda
    ½ t. baking powder
    ½ t. salt
    1½ t. xanthan gum

    Strawberry Buttercream:
    2 sticks butter, softened (regular or dairy-free)
    4 c. powdered sugar
    1/3 c. strawberry jam(fruit-juice sweetened)
    1-2 T. milk of choice
    Red/pink food coloring ( we used plant-based Color Garden or India Tree brands)
    ½ c. fresh strawberries, chopped into small pieces
    ½ c. fresh strawberries to use for decorating
  • Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray two 9-inch round cake pans with non-stick spray, then line the bottom with parchment paper.
    Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler or in the microwave, stirring a couple of times. Set aside.
    In a mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients; set aside.
    In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter, oil and sugar together. Scrape down the bowl and add in the cocoa powder and vanilla.
    Add eggs to the mixer one at a time.
    In a small saucepan, heat up the water and milk, take it off the heat right before it begins to boil.
    Add the dry mixture and the milk mixture to the electric mixer, alternating each addition. This will look soupy, don’t worry it is supposed to.
    Fold in the melted chocolate.
    Pour batter out evenly into prepared cake pans.
    Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
    Allow cakes to cool on cooling rack before assembling and decorating.

    Cake Assembly:
    In the bowl of an electric mixer beat the butter until light and fluffy.
    Add in the powdered sugar a cup at a time. Mix well until fully incorporated into the butter.
    Mix in strawberry jam.
    If the buttercream is too stiff, add in 1-2 tablespoons of milk.
    Add in a few drops of the food coloring.
    Mix buttercream, until the color is even throughout.

    Assembling the Cake
    Set one of the cakes onto a plate of your choosing.
    Take about ½ cup of the buttercream and spread it on the top of the cake using a butter knife or the back of a spoon.
    Sprinkle the chopped strawberries on top of the buttercream and gently press them in.
    Place the second cake on top of the buttercream layer, trying to make it as even as possible.
    Once you are done, decorate with reserved strawberries.
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  • Special ingredients: no dried fruits, no fermented / pickled foods, no beans / legumes / pulses, no dried / ground spices, no meat / poultry, no alcohol
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