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Your Kids are Invited! (& you can come too!)

Your Kids are Invited! (& you can come too!)

Your Kids, Meet Our Kids!






Grab your kids and join the fun with our


Custom Ea(s)ter Egg Decorating Party!


Something pretty awesome happened this week: Rebecca's daughter in Colorado decorated Easter eggs with Cheryl's sons in New York!

That's the whole idea behind our Custom Ea(s)ter Egg Decorating Party: to bring together kids whose eating restrictions might otherwise keep them home, for a virtual party where no one's food needs get in the way.

To participate, just decorate an egg - from a chicken, paper or whatever else suits your fancy - and upload a photo to our special Custom Ea(s)ter Egg Party group on freedible and introduce your kids to our kids, through their art!

Join our Custom Ea(s)ter Egg Decorating Party!It's a great way to show all our kids that while their food restrictions may make them different, that doesn't mean they're alone.

So grab your kiddos - ours are 'dying' to meet them!

Happy Eating,
Cheryl, Rebecca & our kiddos.




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