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Easter Foods, Easter Freely: Gluten-Free? Or Just Fear-Free

Easter Foods, Easter Freely: Gluten-Free? Or Just Fear-Free

I love exploring.  Where to today? I woke up this morning wondering, and that sense of freedom is just what Easter means to me.  Where to today? is possible.  It's always gluten-free because wandering, exploring, and life aren't restricted by disease.  After all, Robert Louis Stevenson lay in bed most of his life, but even he travelled like mad in words and wonder.

"To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying AMEN to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive." --Robert Louis Stevenson

This Easter, food is not foremost.  I'm on the road still, and consciously making tumbling free from gluten and restriction less about food.  One can eat gluten-free and safely, and still be tied as tight as a slave to food, if food and where it comes from and how it's prepped and when it's eaten is all the mind is wrapped in.

I've caught my head sedan-wrapped in food lately out of fear, and I'm sick of it.  Health is also a disease if it's a god.  (You may check out this article on orthorexia if you doubt.)

This Easter, food is not foremost. 

All the same, exploring food, just like exploring any aspect of the world, is mad-good.

Food is easy. Food is naturally gluten-free.  Food is abundant.

But our time is precious. My time is precious.

Your time is precious.

Restriction isn't a food intolerance, or a diet.  Restriction is a mindset.  Restriction is a fear.

Restriction is a lie.

Easter:  It's the day for getting born.  It's the day for new life.  It's the day for freedom -- not from, but to --freedom to live.

I have Celiac Disease.  But hell if I want it to have me.  It shouldn't define my life, and I have a choice in that.

Enjoy yourself, your family, and your hobbies today and tomorrow.  Enjoy the sunrise, and the scent of Spring on the air.  Enjoy the fact that most food comes to you with ease and grace, naturally gluten-free, and you have the confidence and ability to nourish yourself and respond to your hunger and choose foods you enjoy.

Naturally gluten-free? Here's a list.  No food preparation required:


Walking to the park


Spring air

A good book

Playing with your kids, cousins,

friends' kids

Egg hunts

Three-legged races


A good conversation



A good movie

Board games


What are your lists comprised of?  Do you have a joy list, restriction-free?  Food free?

Feed yourself some life!

I'm walking to the library today, road-tripping to Boston in the morning, and

taking a jog around a beautiful Connecticut lake.

And reading.

And planning to meet 10 impossible things before brunch. Or at least,

beautiful things. Probably people.

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