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Finding the special color in Easter

Finding the special color in Easter

Our first egg-free, nut-free Easter, I fretted over how I would "check the boxes" to keep the traditions that felt like Easter to me. Dying eggs, searching for candy - without them, what Easter traditions were left? 

But as I've shared before on freedible, that was the year I realized that the special color in Easter wasn't in the eggs, it was in bringing friends and family together for the joy of discovery - and "inclusion" became our Easter tradition.

From the foods we put on the table to designing “hunts” that work for kids with mobility challenges and special needs, we've been "hopping" along making sure the Easter Bunny gets the memo ever since.

Letting go of my own expectations for a favored childhood holiday was hard - but once I did, I found that unhinging the holiday from the food freed us to engineer new traditions that work better for the children that my friends and I are actually raising. Imagine my pride, years later, when the little boy who’d inspired that first Easter insisted on writing a letter to the Easter bunny to make sure she’d heard that we’d adopted a baby boy - and he wouldn’t be able to have candy or eggs for Easter either.

That's the inspiration behind our annual Easter celebration on freedible, too. Come on by as you're planning your Easter brunch for ideas from other families like yours, along with tips, product reviews and stories to help you make sure all the bunnies in your neighborhood can join the holiday fun.

Happy Easter,

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