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Why I Don't Eat Out (Much) Anymore

Why I Don't Eat Out (Much) Anymore

Prior to my diagnosis with celiac, I was a restaurant and junk food fiend. My favorite food was fried and I would never say no to a dessert or other carb (and gluten) laden treat. So you can imagine my devastation when I found out that basically all of my favorite foods were off limits after finding out I could no longer eat gluten. 


Despite feeling like I was given a death sentence by having to go gluten free, I was completely fed up with being in pain all the time and constantly feeling exhausted and bloated. Solely because I wanted to feel better, I dove right into a GF diet. And to my amazement, I felt so much better even within the first week. I vowed that I would never eat gluten again - besides the fact that it was slowly killing me. 

After being on the GF diet for a couple months though, I really started to miss eating out. It wasn't just the delicious foods served at restaurants I missed, it was the whole fun and excitement of it. I started looking up restaurants who could accommodate a GF diet and began checking them out. I had a few mishaps with getting glutened, but being not so far from going GF, I suffered the pain and moved on. I had no hesitation to try other restaurants. 


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