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When Food Allergies Disrupt Traditions

When Food Allergies Disrupt Traditions
How many rifts have allergic families experienced surrounding the food served at holiday dinners?

We’re habitual people. We like making the same dish every year. Baking together makes us feel closer. Baking Grandma’s Famous Pie every year after she dies helps us feel like we’re still inviting her to the table. People don’t like letting go of Grandma’s Famous Pie, because they feel like they’re losing Grandma.

We also don’t like letting go of our traditions because of the fond memories we associate with those traditions. They make us feel good inside, because of how good we felt making the memories.

Lots of things Disrupt our Traditions

But just as above, whether we realize it or not, traditions are always changing. When kids grow up, their work and school schedules may dictate when holiday events can happen. Then kids get married and have to decide how to blend their holiday traditions with those of another family. Multiple adult kids means coordinating everyone’s schedules. When babies are born, Santa might join the fray, or midnight festivities may no longer work.

Perhaps food is something people cling to most tightly, because whether Christmas “dinner” occurs on Christmas Eve, Christmas afternoon, or even two weeks later, we can still feel that sense of togetherness by making our traditional dishes.

But why, if we can schedule a gift exchange and family meal after the official holiday, can we not shift the menu to include everyone involved?

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