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Packing A Little Jar of Community in our Memorial Day Picnic Basket

Packing A Little Jar of Community in our Memorial Day Picnic Basket

Memorial Day is the official start to the summer grilling season, to barbeques and to finally breaking outside with friends, family and community.  For those of us with custom diets, that also means kicking off a whole new season of thinking, communicating and solving for our food needs.

And yet, Memorial Day weekend is also a time for remembering the privileges and the debts that we all hold in common. For coming together to pay tribute to those who have given so much so that we can have so much more.

As I head into the weekend with my own family, I appreciate the perspective that this lends. The determination it gives me to make sure that our challenging food logistics don't get in the way of being part of our communities - within families, neighborhoods and beyond. And a reminder of the inherent value in making sure our changing food needs - whether my own or those of my guests - don't keep us apart. Sort of a mini, modern-day testament to the great place of diversity in America's story.

Depending on the extent and severity of your food needs, this challenge can be as hard to achieve as it is valuable to try. And yet, I know as I pack my own family's picnic basket this weekend that tucked in there along-side the egg-free potato salad will be the strength and support of our community on freedible.  The knowledge that my little act of defiance is being repeated by families all across America, like a little jar of hope lightening my load.

It's a recipe as old as the stars & stripes, and one that never gets old.

A very happy Memorial Day to all,

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