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Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

Because I can, here are some pics from Kal’s awesome Star Wars 5th Birthday Party! And links to the online resources where I found the various ideas.

I provided coloring sheets from Disney.com for the kids to color while waiting for everyone to arrive, but the rowdy boys didn’t end up using them, so I sent them home as additional party favors.

Our first activity was for each kid to make their own light saber. We purchased 1/2 inch (inside diameter) pipe insulation from Home Depot and set out red, green, and blue duct tape for the kids to decorate them. (This could also be done with pool noodles.) These also functioned as party favors, and they were each unique so it was easy to tell them apart! I didn’t get any pics of the kids making them though, since I was helping to cut duct tape. After we made the sabers, they headed outside to test them out!

Check out all the fun photos and the rest of the birthday party ideas here!

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