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All Allergies Are Equal
Whether it’s peanuts, dairy, lobster or strawberries, all allergies are equal to me. I understand that for example nut allergies are more commonly talked about because...
0 Comments · Tell Your Personal Story · Friday, 16 August 2013
A Night At The Drive-in!
Going to the drive-in is a fun and safe tradition for my family! To read more use:
Ten Tips For Tackling High School With Severe Allergies
High School is a huge adjustment for teens and especially for those who are living with severe allergies! From experience I can say that high school...
My Allergy Story
I realized today that I have yet to really tell my followers “my story”. I have stated my allergens but have never really explained when I...
0 Comments · Tell Your Personal Story · Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Remaining Positive Through Food Allergies Obstacles
Lately I have been receiving a lot of tweets and comments about positivity. People continuously tell me how wonderful they think it is that I have...

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