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Food Allergy Tips for Vegetarians

Food Allergy Tips for Vegetarians
If you’ve got a food allergy or intolerance, your diet is, of course, restricted through no choice of your own. But if you’re also a vegetarian, you know that combining multiple restricted diets can be a challenge. A common concern is whether a vegetarian diet meets all of the nutritional needs if the person is also allergic to certain foods. The answer is — it depends on the food allergen. Dairy and eggs, for instance, are excluded in conventional vegan diets, yet many food allergic vegans still eat healthy, varied diets.

Here is a list of the basic vegetarian categories.

  • Vegans eat no animal products nor use anything with animal by-products in them.
  • Raw Vegans follow the vegan diet above, but eat only food that has not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).
  • Pescetarians are vegetarians who also eat fish.
  • Vegetarians (lacto-ovo vegetarians), are vegetarians who also eat dairy and eggs.
  • Flexitarians or (semi-vegetarians) are vegetarians who occasionally eat meat.
  • Macrobiotic vegetarians use only unprocessed vegan food and some fish, no sugar or refined oils and Asian sea vegetables including seaweed.

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