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My kids made me do it.

My kids made me do it.
Whether you have a food allergy or not, if you're a parent then chances are that food allergies touches your lives.  With 1 in 12 American school kids having at least 1 food allergy, it's an issue that's hard to avoid.

But here's the really beautiful thing that I learned on a FARE walk in Las Vegas last year: the kids get it - more than us grownups, even.  There we were, barely out of bed on time to walk around a suburban shopping plaza to raise money for food allergy research - and the route was already lined with teenagers in blue and white cheer-leading uniforms, shouting encouragement with a passion clearly fueled by the love they felt for their peers carrying EpiPens.  For their friends.

It's just one example - and it's an important reminder.  We may not all have the same needs as custom eaters, but health crises like food allergies and celiac disease deeply affect our communities - and that means they affect us all.

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week.  I challenge all of you who, like me, don't have children with traditional, anaphylactic food allergies, to stop and listen to the pleas of those who do.  Take a brief moment to learn the facts, read someone's story of what life is like when you don't know if the goldfish at school snack might stop your own little fish from making it home.

Then spread the word, like your life depended on it - because all-too-often, someone else's does.

And to all our families whose lives are affected by the deep fear of food allergies, we're here for you - just as we know that in the future you'll be there for other custom eater families as well.

That's the power of being One Community, and speaking with One Voice.

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