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Do it for Eva.

Do it for Eva.
Usually, Rebecca and I see eye to eye.  We are both custom eaters, we are both the parents of custom eaters, and we both feel passionately about bringing about the social changes that will make custom eating easier for us all.

But this week was a little different.

For any that haven’t heard, this is Food Allergy Awareness Week: a week for focusing on what makes food allergy different, and dangerous, and spreading the word like your life depends on it - because the reality is that for millions of adults and kids like Rebecca’s daughter, it does.

That puts a bit of an “edge” on things, don’t you think?

This afternoon, Rebecca and I got to talking about why I think it’s so important to focus this week not on the millions of families affected by food allergies, but on the ones who aren’t.  Because if Rebecca’s little girl is the 1 in a room of 12 kids who’s likely to have a food allergy, then we can do most to keep her safe by reaching the parents of the other 11 kids in the room, even as we try to make sure life-saving information and medications are available to keep safe the "Eva" sitting in the classroom next door.

And that’s where all the rest of us - those of us who don’t have to worry if a mis-labelled snack will mean our little girl doesn’t come home from school today - that’s where the rest of us come in.  It’s up to us to learn all we can, to ask how we can help - and to spread the word.  Because little Eva’s life does depend on it - and so many others like her as well.

Thanks for your help - let’s do this together.


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