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Thankful Thursday – At Least Our Kids Get Diagnosed

Thankful Thursday – At Least Our Kids Get Diagnosed

My husband’s late grandmother was fond of telling this story:

When her oldest child was a baby, in the late 1940s, he had to go into the hospital for a hernia.

While there with him, hubby’s grandma noticed several very tiny babies. They were sickly, and she asked what was wrong with them. The hospital staff told her that those were the babies they couldn’t find a formula for. The parents and the hospital were unable to feed them, and they were wasting away.

My husband’s grandmother would usually go on to remark on being grateful for our children’s health, which was clearly the lesson she took away from that experience. It’s a good lesson, and one I’m grateful for every day.

Recently, I’ve started thinking about this story more often. As a 21st century mother of kids who have food allergies–and one who stays up-to-date on the spectrum of food allergies and sensitivities–I’m inclined to think that those poor babies probably had milk protein allergies, FPIES, EOE, or other allergic disorders.

Most of these babies’ story is unknown . . .

Continue reading the rest of the story about these babies here.

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