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Freedible is the social site that's custom-tailored to help custom eaters connect with others who eat like they do and crowdsource the solutions they need to thrive - all while supporting the bloggers and brands they rely on to feed them!

Freedible is free to join, share and connect - here's how to get started:

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1. Create your free profile to start connecting with the community that "gets it"
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2. Follow the diet, health & lifestyle "Dibles" to find the communities that are right for you
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4. Join our community-wide conversations on freedible & across social media to help raise awareness & bring the spotlight to your work!
Engage with new free-from brands - and help them discover you!

Unlike other social media platforms, freedible is specifically-designed to help specialty food bloggers like you by bringing you new readers, and by helping you build relationships with great free-from brands who can help support your work.

1. Create your free "blogger" profile & tell us about your blog & how you eat. We'll add you to our searchable bloggers directory for free to help free-from brands and new readers discover you not just by your "reach" but by the stories you have to tell and the ingredients you use!

2. Share your recipes and blog posts to our searchable collections with links back to your blog & we'll automatically add them to your profile. It's like a portfolio to bring new brands to you!

Here's how you can be included:

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Post your recipes & blog posts once & we'll make sure they bring you into all the right conversations!

Our platform is custom-built to help custom eaters crowdsource and discover the solutions we all need to thrive - without a lot of work from you!

Just add your blog posts and recipes (with the ingredients, so they're searchable) with a link back to your blog and we'll automatically add them to all the Dibles, special collections and community-wide campaigns where they're relevant.

What's more, when you submit a recipe that calls for one of our new Premier Brands' products by name, we'll automatically add them to their Sponsored Cookbook to bring you higher visibility while making your recipes act as a calling card to introduce you to new companies who can help support your work!

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Join our movement to empower custom eaters & we'll promote your work for you!

Freedible isn't just a social platform, it's a social movement to empower custom eaters! Join with other great specialty food bloggers, innovative free-from brands and others who eat like you do to raise awareness through our periodic social media campaigns.

Watch our weekly newsletters to find out what themes are coming up next then share your recipes, tips and other blog posts. We'll add them to our special feature page, and promote them for you!

Then join the conversation in our Twitter parties and in our campaign Dible. It's community the way your grandmother uses the word!

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