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Nuttzo Bad: Celiac Recovery into Global Advocacy

Nuttzo Bad: Celiac Recovery into Global Advocacy
So much food is naturally gluten free. But is all that edible milieu easily packable, and edible on the road?  Yes! Yes it is easy -- or so I thought recently, quick stream of consciousness before an interview in which I had a ream of questions to cover about the ease of living with celiac disease.

Then I thought: No.

Yes -- now it is.

But was it before? It was not.  I didn't inch away from a 30 minute hop back to my home kitchen post diagnosis. Not for 2 years.

Now I've walked across Ireland with a suitcase full of Nuttzo and honey sandwiches, and a dozen homemade gluten free  sweet tater muffins.

Now I've roadtripped from one side of the States to the other. Now I've spent days on trips, at conferences...

I never knew I could do what I did til I did it, and I never would have thought I could do what I've done except I decided to do it instead of wait to think about why I couldn't.

Celiac disease isn't crippling. Celiac disease is challenging. by nature, that means strengthening. It's made me grow where I wouldn't have grown without it.

And it has heightened my consciousness of where I invest.

Reading labels has lead to reading backgrounds and into the foundational principles of brands I buy.

If a brand's food ingredients are important to my health, their ethos and business practices are just as important -- or detrimental -- to the world I live in.

So Nuttzo is good in my stomach. but , owned and run by CEO Danielle -- adoptive mother of two malnourished boys from Ukraine -- Nuttzo invests in promoting an international culture that serves the vulnerable, and treats those in need with the dignity they deserve as human beings.

They facilitate this service through Project Left Behind, their non-profit partner, whose mission is:

To promote education, improved nutrition, and living conditions for orphans and neglected children around the world.

One of the sites at which they do this is Tender Loving Care Home in India. This orphanage was founded by a Catholic nun to address the rampant sexism practiced against girl babies, who were exposed to die on the streets, or targeted by sex-selective abortions -- or if not killed as infants, were neglected, starved, or abandoned as older girls. PLB supports TLC by providing food, safe drinking water, and other resources, while the Catholic Church provides the building and grounds.

All of that said... it is amazing how far I have come in recovery from a chronic autoimmune disease. But celiac, and recovery, taught me that my attention, awareness -- and willingness to stretch -- make a difference. If in my own life, why not in the lives of those around me?

My label-reading makes a difference for my health. 

My label-reading -- and choice of gluten-free eats -- can also make a huge difference in the bringing of equality to a culture in India, even to saving the lives of individual baby girls.

Now I'm off: From San Francisco, to Anaheim, for a jaunt to Expo West -- the Natural Foods Convention that is bursting with gluten free options.

I'll be looking for more like Nuttzo: good for my body, and good for my world.

But I imagine that they may still just be rather unique, in their gluten-free, organic quality, and their mission-oriented company integrity.

I'm grateful to be represent Nuttzo as an ambassador, and to promote Project Left Behind...

...and I'm just as grateful to be able to pack a suitcase full of Nuttzo sandwiches next time I hit the road for a couple hundred mile hike. Because the 7 nut and seed blend not only kept me on my feet, it is some of the best tasting stuff I've ever chewed on, gluten-free or otherwise.

[ I'm giving away a heap of Nuttzo 2Go packages in honor of International Women's Day, supporting Project Left behind, and for a hurrah! to my trip to Expo West.  Good luck and enter below to win! Or go to my instagram account HERE to enter the flash giveaway for a second chance ]

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