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What Does the Box Say? - Comparing Gluten-Free and Non-Gluten-Free Marketing Claims

What Does the Box Say? - Comparing Gluten-Free and Non-Gluten-Free Marketing Claims

We've all heard statements like these about gluten-free food: "The gluten-free products market is experiencing a double-digit growth" and "They are considered healthier than conventional products (source:

It's become a truism that manufacturers make gluten-free products to cater to the "fad," rather than to help those of us with gluten-related disorders (GRDs). According to this perspective, gluten-free, like organicall natural, and wholesome, is just another buzzword. 

Marketers seek to draw in people without GRDs who are health-conscious enough to buy a product they think is better for them, but not enough to realize it isn't, really. (The same thing might be coming for "kosher.") Marketing research, as presented in this report—the complete version of which sells for an astonishing $3,995.00—backs up this idea that "health perceptions fuel [the gluten-free] category growth."

Is it true? Just who do marketers think gluten-free consumers are, and what do they think we want? Are GF labels crammed full of more health claims than other products? Are they feeding us all the nonsensical health claims they think we'll swallow?

To answer these questions for myself, I did some amateur market research, looking at what marketers are putting in their gluten-free (GF) product descriptions and their non-gluten-free (NGF) product descriptions. Then, I created tag clouds showing the most common words and phrases for each:

Gluten-free and non-gluten-free food product key words comparison

Click to embiggen.

Looking these over, I'm come up with some conclusions of my own, which I've shared over at Based on a Sprue Story.

Please click here to read the rest, and be sure to let me know what stands out to YOU in these tag clouds.

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