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3 TIPS to Surviving the Gluten Free Holidays

3 TIPS to Surviving the Gluten Free Holidays
Having to restrict oneself from food at any time is always tough; whether it ‘s food restrictions, weight loss or for healthier eating; surviving the holidays eating safely can be overwhelming.   

Surviving the Gluten-Free Holidays

Holidays affect everyone differently; a cheerful season to some can be a very stressful season to others.  There are many demands placed upon individuals as they try to find the perfect gifts, attend social and family obligations; baking, cooking, traveling, sticking to your diet and the dreaded shopping trips that make completely normal individuals turn into animals fighting over the last trendy ‘must have’ toy of the season.

A multitude of activities happen within the short months of the happiest time of the year and to top it off, you have to get through it being gluten free.  This is a tough time for people who suffer from any type of food allergy, even more so than normal day to day.

With holiday food and treats popping up all around you, most of which you cannot eat; do not allow yourself to cheat rationalizing that the molten lava chocolate cake is worth the consequences you know will eventually hit you.  And it will eventually hit you.


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