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Kool-Aid Eggs

Kool-Aid Eggs

Have you seen this trick before? Did you know that you can use Kool-Aid packets to dye Easter Eggs?

You might be wondering why we’re dying real eggs when our son has an egg allergy. Well, as I’ve stated before, we’ve never completely eliminated allergens from the house, and with proper precautions I don’t feel like it’s necessary–as long as everyone is comfortable. Of course, there are plenty of egg-free ways to enjoy the egg decorating tradition, like Egg Nots–but we’ve continued to make them because we feel we can safely do so. The egg shell itself isn’t allergenic, and after bathing in boiling water for 20+ minutes, they’ve been pretty thoroughly washed. Zax wears gloves as an added protection, too. He enjoys coloring these for the rest of us. If you have someone with an egg allergy in your house, this is a personal choice you’ll need to make.

Zax can handle egg in it’s baked form now too, and has declared that he wants to dye some raw eggs so we can use those to bake the egg doses for his Egg Study!

So anyway, if you’re dying real eggs for Easter, Kool-Aid works really well! This is because . . .

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