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Have a #HeartTealHeart Talk about Food Allergies at School

Have a #HeartTealHeart Talk about Food Allergies at School
Valentine’s Day is another one of those holidays. A day when food allergy parents seek to balance the warm, fuzzy memories of our own Valentine parties with the need to keep our children safe and included at theirs. This is one more day in which food sneaks into the classroom, and allergens lurk in a lot of those fun-sized candies. Candies that, to make matters more difficult, are usually separated from their ingredient labels.

Chances are, your child’s teacher has already started making plans for Cupid’s day, so it’s best to chat about your concerns now. That’s why it’s time for a #HeartTealHeart talk!

If your child has a 504 plan that limits how and when food can be brought into the classroom, or forbids food entirely, now would be the time to remind your child’s teacher of those agreed-upon restrictions. You’ll also have a much warmer reception from most teachers if you offer to help brainstorm or plan a celebration that will be both fun and fits your needs.

If food will be allowed at the celebration or in children’s valentines, you’ll want to check in regarding how the day will be handled. Below are some questions you may want to ask. If there are answers that you will find unacceptable, but that you think you’re likely to hear, come up with counter-arguments and suggested alternatives/solutions before having this talk. Remember the Boy Scout motto: be prepared!

Regarding Parties

  • What sort of celebration is the teacher planning?
  • Will there be a party in the classroom?
  • Will there be food at the party?
  • Who will provide the food?

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