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Food Allergy Day Trip Breckenridge

Food Allergy Day Trip Breckenridge
I’m not a huge fan of the cold, which is kind of funny being that I live in Colorado. But we’re also one of the sunniest states, which I enjoy. My parents invited our family up to the mountains to see the annual snow sculptures. Besides dealing with the cold we have food allergies. However, we had a successful food allergy day trip to Breckenridge!

We’ve been up there for their annual event a few times before and the boys always have a great time. It’s pretty amazing what teams of professional snow sculptors can create out of 12-foot square, 25-ton block of snow.

Besides the traffic getting there (getting worse each year) and trying to find a parking space around downtown Breckenridge (never easy), a food allergy family has to deal with finding a safe place to eat. Now we have our usual safe restaurants that we eat at around town (and rate at and so should you!), but it’s certainly a challenge when you’re away from your usual element.

Read all about how our trip went on our blog site here!

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