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Baked Egg versus Egg OIT: How do they stack up?

Baked Egg versus Egg OIT: How do they stack up?
Our son was part of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology study of baked egg vs. OIT!

Allergists have been recommending baked egg (when tolerated) as an egg-allergy treatment for years. It’s a tried and true way to gently train the immune system to accept egg proteins. Egg OIT (Oral Immunotherapy) is an emerging technique to more rapidly introduce egg protein into the immune system. How do the two compare?

Baked Egg is a much easier therapy for families to incorporate into their lives, and it requires much less medical supervision. Egg OIT is newer, and is not widely available. According to the research site when we signed up, researchers wanted to know if one practice worked better than the other.

REMEMBER: I am not a doctor. Please don’t feed baked egg products to your egg-allergic child without consulting with your allergist. Likewise, do not attempt OIT on your own. Find a qualified allergist if you are interested!

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