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Hi everyone, 

I am excited to share with you our little business. We are LITTLE BADGErs for LITTLE PEOPLE.

Fun & Colourful Allergy Alert, Identification, Awareness & Self Expression Accessories for Little Ones (badges, stickers, keyrings - and more!)

Please jump on over to check out our website 

We are an Australian company and ship worldwide. Very interested to hear feedback from likeminded people!

I will share my story below.

Would love to connect with you!

Bianca Carfrae
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(We are on Instagram (@little_badgers) and Facebook



Fed up of having to intercept well-doing friends and family from passing foods to my children, causing them to have allergic reactions. Fed up of repeatedly having to remind daycare workers of the girls allergies whenever I dropped them off - and fed up of having to deal with days of sickness after they were fed these foods again and again. (Thank goodness we have no immediate life-threatening allergies!).I filled out forms. I emailed. They had allergy profiles on the wall. Nothing was working!

Then Little BADGErs was born. I decided to create some allergy alert badges for my daughters to wear so that everyone who handed food to either of them would clearly see... Clearly see their badge - and their allergies.

As my 2 and a half year old is incredibly fashion conscious (aren't they all!), it was important to me to create something that was fun and 'on trend'. Something she would wear with joy and pride.

Since sending my daughters off to daycare (and birthday parties!) wearing their little BADGErs allergy alert badges; we have had no "allergy food accidents". It really has made such a difference, and my toddler loves her "cool badges".


Our little ones are precious to us.
When they have allergies, we worry that little bit more, especially when they are away from us or in public places such as parties, kindy/school and daycare.
At Little BADGErs, we strive to ensure that your little one is safe from allergens without feeling like they are 'different' or missing out. Instead, they can match their allergy alert badge to this weeks favourite outfit.
Being unique is important. Personal style should never be compromised.
We also sell identity badges for a little bit of security and peace of mind when visiting busy places.
Don't have what you had in mind? No problems. Shoot us an email and we will try to work something out for you.

Bianca xo