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Losing corn and finding center?

Losing corn and finding center?
Let's get one thing clear: I have no intention of losing corn. Because I don't want to lose corn! Corn is comforting morning porridge with So Delicious Coconut Milk.  Corn is easy chips on the go.  Corn is summer.

But lately, all the dietary pretzels of gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and many, many more that kept me feeling healthy for so long don't work anymore.  It's my dirty little secret: my body is changing, again, and all my tips and tricks for keeping my very sensitive G/I track ON track apparently need to change with it.

I'm not a fan.

And yet, I've heard the rumors for years, now - one story after another of people with gluten intolerance finding they feel better when they also eliminate corn.  And I've learned - and come to believe - enough about food science to know that ALL foods are inescapably chemical compounds - even the organic, non-GMO ones because that's just what matter is.  So I get it that there really could be a connection, either of cross-reactivity or of increased sensitivity caused by the detrimental effects of gluten on bodies like mine.

And so I'm re-examining corn.  Reluctantly, beligerantly - and yet, carefully.

But as I do, I'll also be re-examining something more: my own resistance to opening up my mind to one more possible connection between my food and my own body's very sensitive system - despite all the successes I've had so far with other dietary restricitons for both myself and my kids and despite all I know through this amazing community here on freedible.

Because for all that I'd like to stop feeling the low-grade junky that started me on this corn investigation in the first place, as an advocate for custom eaters and for re-examining the basic building blocks of our complicated health, I realize that understanding this resistance is the "kernel" to figuring out how we can help others to embark on this journey to rediscover their own health.  And it's the path to breaking down the barriers and isolation we can so often experience in their defensive reactions to our own discoveries.

So for a time, I'll be corn-free - and listening to my heart and mind as much as to my body.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

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