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Relative's Acceptance

Relative's Acceptance
Fighting for Food Allergy Awareness in Places You’d Least Expect

Part of the food allergy journey for my family has been skeptical relatives. Has anyone else ever had issues with family, or friends for that matter? For example, a relative of ours stated once, “Oh, there’s no such thing as peanut allergies. I know this because there’s peanuts in everything.” When this person said this, I was completely flabbergasted. It infuriated me. Can you argue with stupid? But you know what? Maybe they’re right. Take a good look at the labeling initiative and see how many products actually do, or may contain peanuts (or any allergen). Sit back and think about all the recalls of products containing allergens. Let’s remember all the anaphylaxis related deaths we read about in the news, and unfortunately the many more we will be reading about because there are still people who don’t take food allergies seriously. Another comment made by a different relative was, “I can cure his allergies. Just give him a peanut a day, and he’ll be fine.” Now, I know there are therapies like that out there, but I’m pretty sure the amount they give the patients is practically a microscopic bit. I didn’t say anything to this person, but instead showed him a picture of my son’s back after a scratch test. SAMSUNG

After he saw this I then said, “So, if these swollen welts on his back form after a microscopic bit of seriously diluted peanuts touches it, what do you think would happen if he ate it?” This person just agreed that it may be more serious than he thought. Which brings me to the realization that there are many people who don’t take food allergies seriously because they are not educated about them.

Why can’t he have just a bite of my turkey and cheese sandwich???

Why can't he JUST have a SMALL bite of my turkey and cheese???

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