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When In Doubt - Do Without

When In Doubt - Do Without
 am proud to be gluten free.  I am extremely gratful to be a part of the movement for full disclosure on food labels and packaging.  I am also strong in my beliefs about how custom eaters should be treated.  If a food eatery cannot state for certain how food is prepared or discuss the ingredients - do not patronize the establishment.  When in doubt do without!!!

The custom eating food industry is a multi-million dollar venture.  We are charged more at eateries for gluten free dishes, breads, sweet treats and other custom eating items.  Custom eaters have opened a new market for food and product manufacturers.  Do not invest in an individual or business' success that does not meet your expectations.  Ensure that custom eating food and product manufacturers earn your money.  Do not allow them to provide high cost items with low quality. 

I am 13 years gluten free.  The custom eating market of 2015 differs significantly from that in 2002.  We have learned that there is strength in numbers.  We have become aggressive in sharing information.  It is now time for us to become innovators for the future generations of custom eaters.  We are the pioneers in the field of medical research. We need to ensure that young and new custom eaters are socialized positively into society.  We need to ensure that schools are respectful and addressing the needs of the young custom eaters.

We have come a long way my custom eating babies!  However we still have a great distance to travel with making custom eating the norm rather than an exception.


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