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Back to School ADHD-friendly Snacks

Back to School ADHD-friendly Snacks
Back to School Snacks: A snack with no food dyes or additives and lower sugar is a healthy approach, especially for kids with ADHD. One of my favorite snacks is Greek yogurt with berries, honey and slivered almonds. If your child has nut allergy, just leave out the almonds- it's just as delicious! You can find more tips like this on our Facebook page. Today's post is all about Back to School snacks that are high in protein and fiber like homemade fruit shakes or mini-pizzas. Make your own dough with a bread machine and you can substitute brown flour for half a cup to a cup of white flour. Toss in wheat bran or flax meal and they'll get even more fiber and won't know the difference. I know because I do it all the time for my family. Check in to our Facebook page everyday to get advice on food, diet, studying, school, parenting and more. Visit: AdapTac's Family Advice on Facebook 

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