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The Allergy Free Wife's Power Protein Muffins

The Allergy Free Wife's Power Protein Muffins
It's no secret that I love breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day, and I'll take any excuse I can get to try a new allergy-free breakfast recipe. I'm also a big believer in getting a boost of protein in the morning, as it's the meal that really sets the tone for the rest of your day.

One of my favorite recipes to make is what I've named The Allergy Free Wife's Power Protein Muffins. Packing over 10g of protein per muffin (I usually eat two in the morning), and under 100 calories per muffin, these are the perfect way to get your day started. The best part? I get to experience the joy of eating a muffin without consuming empty calories that's also nut-free and gluten-free!


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