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A Note to Parents: Don't Feel Guilty

A Note to Parents: Don't Feel Guilty

Every once in a while, the food allergy community will amble back to the subject of eating their children's allergens and the emotions parents feel when they do so. I see a lot of guilt from fellow food allergy parents--they feel bad for enjoying something that could kill their child, and feel even worse about their strong cravings for said foods. Often following this are discussions of when/where parents enjoy these guilty pleasures and how they clean up afterwards.

I, of course, see this situation from two sides. I am a food allergy parent capable of eating foods my children can't eat, and I am an individual with allergies to foods other members of my family (including my kids) CAN eat.

So from that perspective of both sides of the coin, let me tell you something about that feeling of guilt.


You really don't . . .

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