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No Disability, Just Opportunity: Reflecting on Loving Life

No Disability, Just Opportunity: Reflecting on Loving Life

It's been a while since I reflected on, or wrote about what I do, have done, and am doing at Tumbling Gluten Free.  Which means what I'm doing at life, in sum.

Have I met you? I'm writing as a young professional who works in social justice and for human dignity -- and as a young woman who loves sportstravelbooks,adventure, and good meals with good company. I am writing as an individual withceliac disease, and as a nutrition consultant.

I'm an avid traveller, freelance writer, and adventurer who tumbled into wheatlessness -- and new awareness of what I put in my body -- six years ago with a diagnosis of celiac disease. From that launchpad, I founded Tumbling Gluten Free, a travel, food, and nutrition blog that I tied to my certification as nutrition consultant. I love to fence, run, and I do Boabam Yoga. One of my favorite parts of life these days is exploring -- especially food, the naturally gluten-free. Having celiac has opened me to eating as an opportunity to an arena of exploration just as exciting as hopping on a jet to Ireland.  It has also given me a gratitude for the ability to eat: not perfectly, not obsessively, but with joy.

I've walked from North to Southern Ireland.

I've gone to Nationals as a fencer.

I've hiked the Smoky Mountains, run a marathon in Death Valley, and eaten chocolate-covered crickets with Peruvian ex-pats in San Francisco.

I've driven the length of the United States multiple times. I've written for theGluten Free Expos in Chicago, New Jersey, and the Gluten Free Allergen Free Fests in Connecticut and San Diego.

I coach and teach families with food allergic or abused children how to approach eating with an attitude of "tumbling freedom" and trust.

I partner with NECO and attend NECO celiac support groups in Boston.

I teach myself by teaching.

I write Tumbling Gluten Free to continue to explore -- food and life -- and to provide an awareness of options for others like me.  Nothing restricts life except fear.

So boot the little devil. This is Tumbling Gluten Free, and if you're dropping in now as a reader, I love conversation. So ask me anything.

 I'm healing, adventuring, tumbling gluten free, and I want anyone who reads along my blog to know oy, celiac? anxiety-ridden? disabled? allergic? struggling to work and study and pay bills? Me too, sometimes.  But look what I've done.

So toodles, and Tumbling Free!

What will you do this year?

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